The Panjim Pousada

The Panjim Pousada, in effect an annex to the Panjim Inn hotel,  is advertised as…

“one of the few Hindu houses in a predominantly Catholic precinct in Asia’s only Latin Quarter of Fontainhas. Initially rebuilt in the 1930’s, this was the Ancestral Home of the well-to-do Ghanekar Family.

The central “chowk” or courtyard, the Tulsi plant and signature interiors of a traditional Hindu home have been nurtured with affection to recreate the ambience and aura of a gentile Hindu Mansion of the Colonial Era. An aging breadfruit tree in the front Courtyard provides a touch of green to a heavily built locale.

The Hotel has 9 highly individual rooms. The flooring is a harmonious blend of mosaic and the decor, a mix of the old world and antique. Modern Art, period furniture and furnishing are endemic to the property.”

It was a very pleasant place to stay. Our room opened onto a first floor veranda with the courtyard garden below. Breakfast was served on a similar veranda but one which looked down on a busy cross-roads where we watched whole families balanced on a single motor-scooter on their way to school or work.

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