22nd May: RNLI Exercise at Calshot

I swapped to the 08 to 12 watch to take part in a joint exercise with the Calshot RNLI Lifeboat. The scenario was a lone kayaker in trouble out near Calshot Cardinal. The D-Class acted as safety boat for the “casualty” while the Atlantic 85 went down towards the Esso jetties before requesting that Calshot NCI con them to the casualty.

Although they did not go at full speed to make it easier for us, the exercise did bring home just how quickly the Lifeboat moves (35kts full speed). By the time you have worked out a course, or radioed a course correction, it is likely to be out of date. However the exercise went well and I was glad I took part. Although I was keeping the log and giving a course to steer, I feel confident now that I could communicate with the Lifeboat if called upon to do so.