NCI Watches: July – December 2022

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during July to December 2022 kept for my own records.

No. Time Where+ With*
2nd July
550 13-16 SP 506
3rd July
551 13-16 SP 502
8th July
552 10-13 SP 547 Spent much of time helping in new station (UHF radio contact with trainee in station). Power off and being connected to new station.
9th July
553 13-16 SP 275 First watch in new station. Near end of watch noticed battery was not charging – after fixed left cupboard door open to allow air past the charger which was delivering over 6A to recharge battery.
10th July
554 13-16 SP 520 Calm sunny day but on Beach Patrol saw inflatable dinghy with 3 kids drifting E from spit. Fortunately mother turned up and managed to wade to them before I had to call CG.
15th July
555 13-16 SP 100 Realised main disadvantage of new station position is we can’t see kayaks and wind surfers preparing to launch!
16th July
556 13-16 SP 188 Hot weather, arrived early expecting crowds but car park not full
19th July
557 10-13 SP 187 booked
no hours SP/CT with comment
no hours SP/CT with comment
no hours SP/CT with comment

+CT = Calshot Tower, SP = Stone Point (Lepe Country Park)
*the index to people is password protected