NCI Watches: Jan – June 2019

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during January to June 2019 kept for my own records.  indicates that one or more photos exist, click to view the photo album.

No. Time With*
1st Jan
182 11-14 560,185 Tuesday, New Years Day – very quiet on the water and on the Spit this year.
6th Jan
183 11-14 560,255 did some training for Trainee “255”
13th Jan
184 11-14 560,440
20th Jan
185 11-14 440,560 Calshot RNLI lost “Dead Fred” and we were able to tell them where he was at about 1.5 miles distant. Before the watch I photographed a junk rigged schooner passing the Tower   .
26th Jan
0900 – 1230 “Incidents with VHF” course at the Scout Hut
27th Jan
186 11-14 560,220 force 6, gusting 7 (Diary entry ). RS400 capsized during asymmetric drop but we watched them recover without incident
3rd Feb
187 11-14 565 Very calm – took photos of “calm – glassy” and “calm – rippled”  ( Diary Entry
10th Feb
188 11-14 560,220 Windy and an International Cadet gave a sailing demo! ( Diary Entry )
17th Feb
189 11-14 560, 530 A “flock” of canoes visit Calshot, plus a 505 dinghy and a Hovercraft!
24th Feb
190 11-14 560, 530 SE F1 – F2 but Davis said F3 – F4. Before watch took photos of Calshot Tower
3rd Mar
191 11-14 585,440 Windy – F6 increasing F7 although the Davis anemo only showed 10 – 15 kts ! Had my annual assessment by 440 – a surprise since I expected it next week!
10th Mar 
192 11-14 560,660 F8 to F9 winds and a windsurfer in the lagoon (Diary Entry )
17th Mar
193 11-14 560,530 Windy, incident with 2 dinghies ( Diary Entry ). Windsurfer in Southampton water
23th Mar
(all day!) SRCMBC Highcliffe Show – about £95 for NCI Calshot
24th Mar
194 11-14 255,560 Did training exercises for 255 mainly re. radios. Photos: yacht with asym. & Jolie Brise
31st Mar
195 12-16 120 1st summertime watch of 2019, 610 did not show up so 215 stayed on until 120 took over. The 18′ skiffs were out for 1st time this year and one capsized in front of the Tower (Diary entry
7th April
196 12-16 470,530 I was watchleader – quiet watch
9th April
10-12 NCI Social event – talks by 730 and 120 on Cruising on a Container Ship and by a Southampton Pilot
14th April
197 12-16 560,530
21st April
198 12-16 560 The 18′ skiffs were on shore waiting for wind; meanwhile the light conditions meant that the front in the water off Calshot  showed up particularly well!
28th April
199 12-16 560 A new BRe in the Calshot boat park, a wind surfer foiling in Ower bay, and the Fast 40 fleet returning to the Hamble
5th May
200 12-16 530
12th May
201 12-16 560,220 The 18′ skiffs were racing and we had a good view of them as they came back to Calshot, also a photo of a classic yawl 
19th May
202 1030-16 560,220 Calshot Assoc. open day; helped in manning the door before going on watch, then busy with visitors to Tower – fortunately no incidents!
21st May
Visited the ops room to copy some info sheets for use at Lepe. The foam on Southampton Water was particularly marked (NCI Calshot Blog)
25th May
203 13-16 290,570 Stone Point (Lepe Country Park) – first weekend at Lepe, second ever watch there! (Diary entry)
26th May
204 12-16 560 comment
27th May
205 13-16 570 Stone Point – Bank Holiday Monday
1st June
206 13-16 290 Stone Point – D-Day celebration weekend
2nd June
207 12-16 720 Quiet, International 14 capsized but recovered – asymmetric was in water! DSC Distress at watch end – yacht aground on Bramble Bank – left for next watch!
5th June
208 08-12 120,630 Wednesday watch; DFS assessment – which we passed! D-Day celebrations at Portsmouth (NCI Calshot Blog)
8th June
209 12-16 535 Saturday watch; heavy rain showers inland (NCI Calshot Blog); kite surfer lost board; strong winds but the “doughnut boys” were still operating! Seven Seas Navigator – a “small” cruise ship, and Seafin .
9th June
210 13-16 455 Stone Point: some Daring class yachts close in against the current and seafin coming out of the Beaulieu River (Diary Entry)
10th June
18-20 NCI CT Committee meeting (Canadian John’s funeral earlier in day)
15th June
211 10-13 455,630 Stone Point: force 5 and threatening rain. with three watchkeepers we did 30 mins beach patrols
16th June
212 08-12 715 Trial for me doing an early watch at Calshot, then afternoon at Lepe to help fill shifts – was OK since get a lunch break!
16th June
213 13-16 300 Stone Point: force 5-6 SW, when we arrived previous watch had not opened front shutter due to wind but we did and it seemed OK. The side shutters have more play in the fixings and give the impression its worse than it is!
22nd June
214 12-16 271,505 Calshot – Saturday watch before preparing to go to Falmouth for Swallow Yachts Raid
30th June
215 13-16 255 Stone Point afternoon watch on return from Swallow Yachts Raid in Falmouth
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