NCI Watches: July – Dec 2016

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during January to June 2016 kept for my own records. [  indicates photo(s) available; click on it to go to the Photo Gallery page]

Summary of NCI Watches and other activities
[the index to people (identified by numbers) is password protected]
3rd July
40 Watch (12-16) 640,560; the flag was dipped for the Shieldhall  
7th July
Visit to NMOC, Fareham (host Dan Winter)
10th July
41 Watch (12-16) 100,540; RNLI day, 4 incidents  [see 10th July entry]
16th July
First Aid course 0900 – 1300, Scout Hut.
17th July
42 Watch (12-16) 100,560; visited Castle before watch
23rd July
43 Watch (16-20) 350,370; 2 cruise liners  [for photos see 23-24 July entry]
24th July
44 Watch (12-16) 720,540; Hamble Lifeboat cox’n visit  [for photos see 23-24 July entry]
31st July
45 Watch (12-16) 100,560; injured yachtsman photos
7th Aug
46 Watch (12-16) 640; Cowes week!
14th Aug
47 Watch (12-16) 660,630; saw seal but frightened by jet skis
21st Aug
48 Watch (12-16) 180,110; quiet, then squall created incident(s)  [see 21st Aug entry]
28th Aug
49 Watch (12-16) 560,530; paddle boarder crossed to Hamble – informed SP
3rd Sept
Hamble Harbour Sea Safety Day with 360  [for photos see 3rd Sept entry]
4th Sept
50 Watch (12-16) 560,640  [for photos see 4th Sept entry]
11th Sept
51 Watch (12-16) 180; overdue kayak found at Ashlett Slip, Kayaker turned up at Calshot RNLI!
16th Sept
NCI stand at the Boat Show  [see 16th Sept entry]
18th Sept
52 Watch (12-16) 640, 560; relatively quiet watch
22nd Sept
53 Watch (12-16) 100,190, 240, quiet Thursday watch, Lord Nelson passed
25th Sept
54 Watch (12-16) 530; kite surfer in water near Hill Head, yacht aground towards Bald Head, yacht with rigging failure south of the Bramble!
2nd Oct
55 Watch (12-16) 640,560 a very quiet watch for a change!
9th Oct
56 Watch (12-16) 240,170 a guy learning to sail a foiling Moth kept capsizing and at one time got close to the shipping channel
16th Oct
56 Watch (12-16) 670,560 some spectacular showers with rainbows, otherwise quiet
19th Oct
NCI Calshot AGM at OS HQ
23rd Oct
57 Watch (12-16) 670,640; misty quiet watch – panpan near IoW but out of sight; Lord Nelson with wheelchair person on bowsprit.
30th Oct
58 Watch (11-14) 670,560 
6th November
59 Watch (11-14) 440; catamaran capsized near SP and they informed CG. We told CG that cat was OK but Hamble LB called out anyway.
13th Nov
60 Watch (11-14) 560,530, quiet watch – VHF mayday but outside our area
20th Nov
61 Watch (11-14) 560,670, very quiet watch – Calshot IRB rescued a pallet with direction from the Tower as we came on watch, nothing after that
27th Nov
62 Watch (11-14) 250,660, Hamble LB called us on 65 but did not hear reply. Mayday from Kayak 1nm off Elmore slipway which turns out to be the Angling Club at Lee. Was picked up by HMS Smiker and transferred by Rescue 104 to Soton General Hospital
28th Nov
Watch Leader training at OS HQ
4th Dec
63 Watch (11-14) 100, quiet watch
11th Dec
64 Watch (11-14) 560,calm day, quiet watch
18th Dec
65 Watch (11-14) 560,530 foggy day, previous watch had broken down jet ski who was lost in fog off Lee – towed in by Calshot IRB; quiet watch
26th Dec
66 Watch (11-14) 600; Boxing Day – as we took over a car was reported “in the water” at Calshot. Turned out to be in the dyke alonside the road. Hamble lifeboat attended! I had to write incident report for Ford Focus!