NCI Watches: July – December 2021

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during July to December 2021 kept for my own records.

No. Time Where+ With*
3rd July
370 13-16 SP 100 Arrived early morning to take photos of the Round the Island race, went home, then back to SP
4th July
371 13-16 SP 575 With new Trainee
5th July
372 13-16 SP 511
9th July
373 13-16 SP 575 2nd session with new trainee
11th July
374 13-16 SP Lone watch – had broken down motor boat moored to Lepe Spit cardinal mark until towed by rib
12th July
375 10-13 SP Monday – Lone watch – worried about 2 canoes coming back from Gurnard but the made it in the end!
no. hours CT/SP with comment
no. hours CT/SP with comment

+CT = Calshot Tower, SP = Stone Point (Lepe Country Park)
*the index to people is password protected