NCI Watches: July – Dec 2020

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during July to December 2020 kept for my own records. On 18th March all NCI Stations were closed due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak. From 1st June NCI Calshot Tower reopened on a single manned basis, with a “Buddy” in UHF contact outside the station, with watches from 10 to 13 and from 13 to 16. Stone Point reopened  for similar hours but for Friday to Monday inclusive. However often afternoons were not manned at Stone Point, one problem being access due to people flocking to the coast creating long queues of cars waiting to enter the already full car parks.

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No. Time Where+ With*
11th July 291 10-13 SP 630 as Buddy
24th July 292 13-16 SP 585 as Buddy
25th July 293 13-16 SP 498 as Buddy; driving rain while watching wind surfers and kite surfers!
31st July 294 13-16 SP 100 as Buddy, a Friday but queue for car park so we parked in the training hut area
2nd Aug 295 13-16 SP 130 as Buddy, tide running west so watching people on beach near spit
8th Aug
296 13-16 SP 487 booked
9th Aug
297 13-16 SP 585 booked
no. hours CT/SP with comment

+CT = Calshot Tower, SP = Stone Point (Lepe Country Park)
*the index to people is password protected