NCI Watches: Jan – June 2017

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during January to June 2017 kept for my own records. [  indicates photo(s) available; click on it to go to the Photo Gallery page]

Summary of NCI Watches and other activities
[the index to people (identified by numbers) is password protected]
1st Jan
67 Watch (11-14) with 560; New Years Day!
8th Jan
68 Watch (11-14) with 560,530; foggy, most of time 2 to 5 cables vis.; yacht aground on spit but happy to wait for tide
15th Jan
69 Watch (11-14) with 690, 370; quiet watch, CMA CGM Marco Polo came in and a new French icebreaker went out
22nd Jan
70 Watch (11-14) with 670,100; misty, very quiet watch
29th Jan
71 Watch (11-14) with 670,560; another quiet watch, easterly wind, demonstrated to Colin (who called in at the station) the anemo in the tower wake
5th Feb
72 Watch (11-14) with 530, 560; easterly wind, watch room being painted, demonstrated to Colin the anemo in the tower wake
12th Feb
had to cancel watch – conjunctivitis
19th Feb
73 Watch (11-14) with 530, 560, misty, quiet watch
26th Feb
74 Watch (11-14) with 560, had my annual assessment with DH – passed!
5th Mar
75 Watch (11-14) with 440, rain squalls coming through; windsurfer died off Hayling Island
12th Mar
76 Watch (11-14) with 560,330,660; no wind, drizzle, oppies launched in afternoon
19th Mar
77 78 Watch (11-14) with 560,200; windy force 6 gusting 7; had 2 VHF calls asking for weather info; then I stayed on for most of next watch!  [see diary page!]
26th Mar
79 Watch (12-16) with 600,330,640; I was watch leader, windsurfer towards Lepe end of beach self rescued
2nd Apr
80 Watch (12-16) with 530,560; quiet watch although 3 or 4 ch.65 calls
9th Apr
81 Watch (12-16) with 330,560; I was WL, lots of people at Calshot due to Easter hols and warm weather, but no incidents.
16th Apr
82 Watch (12-16) with 530,560; quiet watch – beforehand I photo’d new banner from Castle roof
23rd Apr
83 Watch (12-16) with 530,210; jet ski incident (see photos)
30th Apr
84 Watch (12-16) with 640,200,100; quiet watch
7th May
85 Watch (12-16) with 530,560; an EPIRB found at Netley Boat Jumble; sailing barge; and net fishing!
14th May
86 Watch (12-16) with 530,560; busy day!  [see diary entry]
21st May
87 Watch (12-16) with 530,560; windy but no incidents!
28th May
88 Watch (12-16) with 640,220; NCI stand at Hythe before watch; heavy storm line went through but no incidents
4th June
89 Watch (12-16) with 560; quiet watch
10th June
90 Saturday Watch (12-16) with 280; Skylift 3000 arrived before the watch  [see June 14th diary entry ]
11th June
91 Watch (12-16) with 560 and 230; OMRA were racing [see June 11th diary entry for photos ]; incident with head injury where CG sent Calshot LB to wrong place
18th June
92 Watch (12-16) with 640 and 720; hot day, crowds at Calshot, quiet watch  [photo]
25th June
93 Watch (12-16) with 530 and 560; force 6-7 which was not forecast; cat capsized but luckily helped by rib; classic gunter rigged dinghy with man and two children launched but thought better before leaving the beach – thank goodness!