23rd/24th July: Two NCI Watches

They were seeking a watchkeeper for the 16 to 20 watch on Saturday 23rd July so I decided to volunteer. It was the Americas Cup World Series event in Portsmouth so I thought that there might be lots of boats returning from there – in the event it seemed relatively quiet both on the Saturday and on the Sunday when I did my usual 12 to 16 watch.

On the 23rd we had two cruise liners outbound, as well as the new Red Jet 6, and a largish container ship… the CMA CGM Thames. On the 24th the local BayRaider Expedition number 038 was out sailing. The Hamble Lifeboat contacted us on ch.65 and the cox’n and a Southampton University student visited.

I had taken a better camera up with me so the photos are significantly better than I usually get!

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