The Inside Passage

It is amazing that the Inside Passage exists. The fjords which penetrate the Coast Mountains of British Columbia are joined by a web of relatively narrow northwest/southeast channels large and deep enough for cruise ships to provide popular itineraries extending as far north as Alaska. We were joining half way along the route and taking the BC Ferries route from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.

The trip is advertised as being marvellously scenic but you have to have good weather! the Pacific Northwest can be very wet and cloudy in which case all you would see during the 15 hour cruise would be rocky shores covered by forest disappearing into the clouds. We were fairly fortunate in that while there were clouds, they did not totally hide the views!

At one spot we even saw a bear beside a river mouth… or was it two people in a bear costume employed to appear as the ferry passed?!

Photo Gallery: the Inside Passage…

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