UBC Museum of Anthropology

I had visited Vancouver in the past but only in day trips from Seattle. These were working visits to the University of British Columbia and mainly, possibly exclusively, during 1975 when I spent the summer in Seattle and was using equipment borrowed from Mike Miyaki, a scientist at UBC. I remember one occasion when Mike and a visiting French scientist got into an argument at lunch in the Senior Common room as to the relative merits of French and Canadian wines. The visitor was noticeably swaying as he presented his seminar later that afternoon!

UBC occupies a large campus west of the city. Of the photos we took on this trip one was possibly taken out of amusement at the speed hump sign, but for me it is evocative of the open spaces on the campus.

Our actual reason for visiting on this trip was the Museum of Anthropology, an impressive collection housed in an impressive building. Most of our photos are of totem poles or of the modern sculpture “The Raven and the First Men” based on the creation story of the Pacific Northwest Haida people. However there is also one photograph of Chinese shoes for a woman how had had bound feet. They are displayed alongside a pair of modern “normal” shoes.

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