12th – 14th Feb: Toulon and Monaco

We dock in Toulon; use hire cars to drive to Monaco and visit the Oceanographic Museum and Rosies Bar; leave Toulon into a gale…


Thursday (12 Feb): Woke up well in sight of land and docked by 0930CET. Went ashore for drink having already had drinks in stewards cabin 1 (secretly). After lunch I set out alone and climbed hill over the town – magnificent views of the ports, naval ships, islands, etc.

Walking along the quayside met others in travel agent and hired cars for tomorrow. After tea we drove out to a beach and looked at boats. Then returned to the ship and went out in a group to a bar, everything pretty dead so we joined the others in the Galleon restaurant – pizza fromage, chateaubriand. Afterwards wandered through town and ended in bar used by Toulon rugby supporters club 2 rugby.

Driving along the Côte D’Azur

Friday (13 Feb): Set off about 0840 for Monaco stopping for coffee on the way. Superb coast road, snow covered mountains, red sandstone, beautiful hot sunny day. Arrived 1330CET at Rosie’s Chatham bar 3 Henry & Rosie, had lunch and drove over to the Oceanographic Institute (Musée Océanographique de Monaco 4 Cousteau).

Saw the Museum, Aquarium and Radiology labs. Walked back to Rosies for tea,then split up – one car returning [to Toulon] while Geoff Morrison, Mike McCartney, Dave Brown and I stayed to look at the Casino and gardens and then drove to the border near Menton and visited Ventimiglia in Italy 5 to Italy.

The hard won stamp showing I went into Italy!

Returned via turnpike and got back about 0300CET after stop for coffee in Nice.

Saturday (14 Feb): Looked around market in morning and bought one or two necessities 6 not soap. Also odd souvenirs, etc. In afternoon went into town and bought coffee and book. Sailed at 1700 into a rough sea. Hove to at 10pm – 50 knot wind.

Photo Gallery: Driving to Monaco…

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