25th – 28th Feb: to Gibraltar and the Atlantic

We head for Gibraltar; while anchored in the harbour an American warship arrives; we see Atlantic and Mediterranean waters meet; then set a mooring in the Gulf of Cadiz…

Outside Gibraltar harbour

Wednesday (25 Feb): Steaming for Gibraltar – sunbathing – passed Majorca and Ibiza – latter quite close, looked very nice. Wrote home. Sun set beyond Spain.

Thursday (26 Feb): Off Spain for a sunbathing lazy day. Played table tennis in evening.

Friday (27 Feb): By 0800Z – Gibraltar harbour and at anchor. Soon after an American warship steamed in and fired a gun salute (19 or 21?) from about threequarters mile astern, then came up and fired two further guns abeam of us 1 19 guns?. Masses of men on board, guided missiles, helicopter, VW minibuses and a saloon car 2 new films!  Gibraltar not too impressive but weather glorious.

Mediterranean water meets Atlantic water in the Strait of Gibraltar

Sailed 1130 and [had] views of Algeciras and also the African coast – lopsided mountains and sandy beaches, Africa looks inviting. On echo sounder watch through the Straits and [we had the] volume turned right up to look at sea return – probably the Atlantic/Mediterranean interface visible as well as many fish.

The Atlantic water looked green compared to the Mediterranean, more seagulls too.

Our new work area (Background map: Google)

Saturday (28 Feb): Arrived at Cape St Vincent at about 0300Z and by 0600Z a current meter string was laid at position “A” which is about 36°15’N 8°7’W.

Then TSD’s at position “B”, 4 miles east of “A”. In afternoon the freefall probe was sent down to 200m and successfully recovered.  Sunny day but some cloud, little wind.

Photo Gallery: Gibraltar and the Strait…

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