15th – 24th Feb: Continued MEDOC work

We continue working in the Gulf of Lion; TSD casts when the wind allows, hove-to when it is too strong…

Hove to while waiting for slightly less wind.

Sunday (15th Feb): Wind very strong – Charcot [has] run for shelter 1 not us. Filming waves got soaked in bows with Alan [Elliot from Liverpool with whom I shared the cabin] and Big John 2 not by chance?. True Mistral. Spent much of day resting!

Monday (16 Feb): Coast of Spain visible. Sunny sunbathing. Did Assman [psychrometer] comparisons 3 Assman . Ship doing stations after tea – pinger came up full of water with crystal crushed.

Tuesday (17 Feb): On watch all day – calm, little of note.

My traced chart of TSD stations during the second cruise leg

Wednesday (18 Feb): During night watch trapped my finger in Hydro lab/plot door when it blew to. Duly noted in ship’s log, had it bandaged by Mark 4 first aid. Too rough to work in evening and we could see the film “Strange Bedfellows” which was lousy.

Thursday (19 Feb): On watch during the day and put on chart recorders to keep my finger dry 5 TSD charts.

Friday (20 Feb): Beautiful day for sunbathing but interrupted by having to take over at lunch and by boat drill. Still quite rough but working all the time.

Saturday (21 Feb): On watch till 1600 when film “The Mindbenders” which was quite good. Woken at 2400Z, too rough for stations but TSD records to be worked up – all night!

Strong winds around the ship’s hull

Sunday (22 Feb): Off watch for Small Eats 6 liar dice – we all wore our Monaco Badges. Weather still rough – since Toulon the average wind speed has been 33 knots. The weather seems to improve for our watch to do stations though.

Monday (23 Feb): We are still doing stations when possible but we’ve also started trying to plot the area by the variation in the sea surface temperature. We are now pretty [well] up to date with the data.

Tuesday (24 Feb): Stations from midnight with long steams between. By dawn 50 knot wind which persisted all day. In evening the ship was rolling greatly – we lost the evening sweet on the galley floor. Waves dented the shelter deck rails by the Officer’s mess 7 rough Med. Aft Hydro lab flooded. Steaming for Gibraltar from 2100Z.

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